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Chez Zee

26 Jun

Billy and I had a wonderful anniversary last night!  He did all the planning and surprised me with an evening out.  He did a little research on romantic restaurants in Austin and came across this place, Chez Zee. 

He made a reservation for a private table so we were tucked in the back of this quaint little place.  The food was phenomenal.  And just as I thought I was completely stuffed, they brought out this cake that Billy requested.  Don’t worry, I found room to eat that.

I got a beautiful diamond necklace which I’m wearing in the picture below and the evening ended with the pianist playing our first dance song, Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney.

All in all, a perfect evening.

Happy Anniversary B!


Hostess with the mostess

22 Sep

As I mentioned before, Billy started his own business a few weeks ago.  He has been working so hard, I’m really proud of all that his partner Nick and him have already accomplished.  To make some money on the side, he picked up a job at a new trendy seafood restaurant called Cabo. 

Right now, it’s not very convenient for him, but in about 3 weeks when we move it will be the best commute ever.  It is literally right next door to our new place.

Last week, he told me that they were looking for a hostess.  They must be really desperate because they wanted to hire me!  I joked about it at first, but then I really thought about it.  Billy is already working every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, so I might as well make some extra cash instead of catching up on my Tivo or something, right?  I have ZERO restaurant experience and told them that but tonight will be my first night!  I’ve got to practice my sashay walk and make sure to give attitude to anyone who walks in like many other trendy restaurants have.  I’m sure my new employers would LOVE that. 

Do you have any other tips for me??