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Big News!

19 Jun

So, do you remember the last post I wrote?  About how Billy and I are moving to New Braunfels? 

Well you can forget that…


We’re moving to Austin!

Let’s go back, oh, 9 months or so, and I’ll tell you a little story about how we got here.

Around Thanksgiving time, 2011, Billy and I sat down for a serious chat.  His business was going extremely well, but it was taking far longer than they had originally anticipated to jump over all the red tape and get all their licenses and certifications.  At that time, we were thinking, maybe now is the best time to move back to Chicago.  So I started looking for jobs.

And looking.

And applied for hundreds of jobs.

And found nothing.

Until this past March.  Then I randomly heard from 2 companies and interviewed with them in Chicago.  Let’s call them Company A and Company B.  The interviews went well, I was really excited, and Billy and I started planning for Chicago livin’.

The only problem is that while I was told the interviews went well, the companies were apparently in no rush to hire me.  After 2 months of waiting to hear back from these companies, I randomly applied for a couple jobs in Austin, just to see.  Company C in Austin emailed me 3 days later saying they wanted to meet with me, so Billy decided to come with and ride along and explore Austin while I interviewed with Company C. 

While he was waiting, he stumbled upon an open career fair for a startup tech company and stopped by.  He was offered that job one week later!  And that’s how he started at BigCommerce.  He’s still working on his own company with his partner, it’s just happening more on the side for now.

He started that job right away, and I continued to wait for Companies A, B and C to get back to me.  Company C contacted me 3 weeks later saying they were no longer going to be hiring anyone and they were restructuring instead.  This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because that next week I heard their big client was cutting their spending by A LOT, meaning had I started with them, I might not have lasted there very long.

A couple days later, I got an email from another company in Austin asking for an interview.  Let’s call them Company D.  This interview took place last Friday.  While I was driving to Austin, I got a call from Company A in Chicago and they offered me a job!  I couldn’t even believe it.  Only a mere 4-5 months later.  And after Billy started a new, awesome job in Austin.

I told Company D that I got an offer from Company A and they quickly made me an offer that following Monday, as in yesterday!  So I’m happy to announce that I have accepted Company D’s offer.  And Company D is really called BancVue in Austin!

While our oringinal plan was to go back to Chicago because I miss my family more than I care to talk about, sometimes you have to let fate help you make your decisions.  Billy and I have spent the past 9 months looking and interviewing and writing cover letters for a jobs in Chicago and it has just been awful.  And then we barely even look for a jobs in Austin and it was just so easy and fast.  Had companies A & B not taken so long to make their decision, things would be different, but for now, it looks like we are meant to be in Texas!

So now we have to scramble to find a place to live.  I had to cancel our apt. in New Braunfels this morning and Billy is going to look for apartments in Austin over his lunch break today, because we need to move this weekend!  Our friends are getting married in Dallas next weekend so now is our only time before our current apartment ends this month.  And now you know why my posts have been so slacking.  I always have stuff I want to write about, but for obvious reasons, I couldn’t share until now.

We are really excited for our next big adventure!


Big things are happening

6 Sep

Since I last updated y’all on my Texas life (like that Texas “y’all” I threw in there?), we had a job change! Billy has officially left his job selling oil securities and has taken the bold first steps in creating his own business. His partner Nick and him have been working really hard at putting it all together. They will still essentially be selling investment opportunities, but the new focus is venture capital so they will be raising money for businesses. It’s also fun for me because I’ve been given the job of designing logos, business cards, cover sheets, etc. And I just love any excuse to play with Photoshop.

Since Billy left his paying job, we have been trying to cut back and be smart about money. We will be more than fine, in fact, San Antonio is one of the cheapest places to live, but we decided we could be smarter on some of our bills. Do we really need ALL the premium channels and highest internet package? No. So we canceled it. Well, we didn’t mean to completely cancel it this weekend, but thanks to the jerk at AT&T I ended up just canceling it all right away. I don’t appreciate getting attitude from the call center. I do have to admit, it has been quite the adjustment, but I’m actually starting to like it. Billy and I have been spending better, quality time together, we aren’t just sitting around and we are exploring new things! I even found out that if I sit on our porch I can get free internet if we really need it. Score. So that is where I’m sitting right now to type this.

One of our fun new adventures this weekend took place at the San Antonio missions. San Antonio is in the middle of a huge renovation along the riverwalk and they are about halfway done with a bike trail. We threw our bikes in the car and drove South to check it out. According to their website, “The chain of missions established along the San Antonio River in the 18th century is a reminder of one of Spain’s most successful attempts to extend its New World dominion from Mexico. Representing both church and state, these missions were charged with converting the local Native Americans, collectively called Coahuiltecans, into devout Catholics and productive members of Spanish society. More than just churches on the Spanish Colonial frontier, the missions also served as vocational and educational centers, economic enterprises involved in agricultural and ranching endeavors and regional trade. They were the greatest concentration of Catholic missions in North America and formed the foundation for what is today the thriving city of San Antonio.”

And another view:

And another by the chapel entrance:

It was beautiful! The missions are connected by the bike path and it’s so pretty riding along the river. We only stopped at 1 mission, the San Pedro Mission, but we passed another along the way which we will try to stop at next time. We ended up riding about 15 miles. I was definitely feeling it at the end.

Our halfway point was the Blue Star Brewery, a little microbrewery along the river. We stopped and had a beer, I tried the “Wheat Head” which was quite delicious, and then we biked back.

The downside to this glorious afternoon? The sports bra/tank top criss cross sunburn that is currently residing on my back. I don’t know if these lines will ever go away!