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Big News!

19 Jun

So, do you remember the last post I wrote?  About how Billy and I are moving to New Braunfels? 

Well you can forget that…


We’re moving to Austin!

Let’s go back, oh, 9 months or so, and I’ll tell you a little story about how we got here.

Around Thanksgiving time, 2011, Billy and I sat down for a serious chat.  His business was going extremely well, but it was taking far longer than they had originally anticipated to jump over all the red tape and get all their licenses and certifications.  At that time, we were thinking, maybe now is the best time to move back to Chicago.  So I started looking for jobs.

And looking.

And applied for hundreds of jobs.

And found nothing.

Until this past March.  Then I randomly heard from 2 companies and interviewed with them in Chicago.  Let’s call them Company A and Company B.  The interviews went well, I was really excited, and Billy and I started planning for Chicago livin’.

The only problem is that while I was told the interviews went well, the companies were apparently in no rush to hire me.  After 2 months of waiting to hear back from these companies, I randomly applied for a couple jobs in Austin, just to see.  Company C in Austin emailed me 3 days later saying they wanted to meet with me, so Billy decided to come with and ride along and explore Austin while I interviewed with Company C. 

While he was waiting, he stumbled upon an open career fair for a startup tech company and stopped by.  He was offered that job one week later!  And that’s how he started at BigCommerce.  He’s still working on his own company with his partner, it’s just happening more on the side for now.

He started that job right away, and I continued to wait for Companies A, B and C to get back to me.  Company C contacted me 3 weeks later saying they were no longer going to be hiring anyone and they were restructuring instead.  This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because that next week I heard their big client was cutting their spending by A LOT, meaning had I started with them, I might not have lasted there very long.

A couple days later, I got an email from another company in Austin asking for an interview.  Let’s call them Company D.  This interview took place last Friday.  While I was driving to Austin, I got a call from Company A in Chicago and they offered me a job!  I couldn’t even believe it.  Only a mere 4-5 months later.  And after Billy started a new, awesome job in Austin.

I told Company D that I got an offer from Company A and they quickly made me an offer that following Monday, as in yesterday!  So I’m happy to announce that I have accepted Company D’s offer.  And Company D is really called BancVue in Austin!

While our oringinal plan was to go back to Chicago because I miss my family more than I care to talk about, sometimes you have to let fate help you make your decisions.  Billy and I have spent the past 9 months looking and interviewing and writing cover letters for a jobs in Chicago and it has just been awful.  And then we barely even look for a jobs in Austin and it was just so easy and fast.  Had companies A & B not taken so long to make their decision, things would be different, but for now, it looks like we are meant to be in Texas!

So now we have to scramble to find a place to live.  I had to cancel our apt. in New Braunfels this morning and Billy is going to look for apartments in Austin over his lunch break today, because we need to move this weekend!  Our friends are getting married in Dallas next weekend so now is our only time before our current apartment ends this month.  And now you know why my posts have been so slacking.  I always have stuff I want to write about, but for obvious reasons, I couldn’t share until now.

We are really excited for our next big adventure!


Pack ’em up

6 Jun

And move ’em out!  It’s time to move to a brand new house!  err… apartment.

Every time I move, I get this song stuck in my head.  It is from my most favorite Strawberry Shortcake episode ever when I was little.  It’s the best.



We’re moving to New Braunfels!

Billy got an awesome new job in Austin!   He’s just straight crushing it at BigCommerce and is absolutely loving it.

Since the commute for Billy from San Antonio to Austin is pretty long every day, we are moving to middle ground so I can go south to San Antonio and he can go north to Austin.

New Braunfels is a really cute, super country town and holds the little historic village of Gruene.  You may remember a previous post where I talk about tubing and Gruene Hall.  Our new apartment will be less than a mile from Gruene so we will be spending most of our time in town and floating down the river!

The best part about our new apartment is that it has an extra bedroom… so bring on the visitors!

Doesn’t that look like fun?  And you will have your option of hanging out in Austin or San Antonio, since we will be in the middle of the two!

We’ll be ready for you in July!

Austin Love

27 Apr

It’s no secret Billy and I love Austin.  Since it’s only an hour and a half from San Antonio, we tend to go there A LOT.  Now we will be going even more because my BFF from college, Cobs, is moving there this summer!

He was accepted at UT to get his Doctorate.  Such a smarty pants.

He came down to visit last month during SXSW and we went to the most amazing restaurant called Moonshine.

It was like a little piece of Heaven in my mouth.

Can’t wait to find more amazing restaurants with you Cobs!

P.S. It’s supposed to be 97 degrees today.  Welcome to Texas.


Take 2

20 Oct

Ok, so my mom AND dad told me yesterday how lame my last blog post was so I’ll try better today.  I was really just saying I haven’t forgotten, I just have not had the time to sit and write anything with substance.

Before I get started I wanted to wish my sister Sally a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I wish I could be with her to celebrate.

Now let’s talk about what happened this past week.

1. I got my new iPhone 4S!  Siri and I are still getting used to each other but overall I love it.  I especially love the features of Siri where I can just tell her to set my alarm, text/call people and make appointments without really touching it.  I haven’t used the camera yet but I’m excited for that as well, it’s supposed to take great pics.

2. We moved!  I now live 10 minutes from work and I can go home for lunch.  It has been AMAZING!  We still have stuff EVERYWHERE but we are slowly but surely making progress.  We have our own personal garage that is larger than normal so we have lots of storage space which is a necessity because we have a lot of stuff.  More than we thought.  The only thing I do not like is the kitchen.  It’s tiny.  The cabinets and appliances are nice and everything but I think it was designed for a single male who just eats pizza every night.  I can’t fit my dinner plates in the cabinets!  They are now living above the fridge.  The kitchen has forced us to get prettttty creative.  Billy’s favorite part our new apartment is that we can walk right outside and the way our unit is set up it feels like we have our own little backyard.  Billy is psyched to get a grill.  Besides the kitchen we are really loving it.  And we are saving mucho on rent.  Awesome.

3. Billy and I spent the last 2 days in Houston!  I had my semi-annual marketing meeting in Houston and Billy decided to drive with me to visit his aunt, uncle and cousin Lane who was one of our flower girls in our wedding.  After my meetings were done we had dinner with them and saw their new house.  It was also Lane’s birthday yesterday (October is packed with birthdays) so it was great to see her turn 8!  I meant to take a pic of her to send to my cousin Erin’s kids because they became BFF at the wedding but I forgot.  Sorry Ro Ro and Addison!  I’ll remember next time. 

Lastly, I’m kinda tired of seeing my blog posts all over my Facebook  profile page so I think I’m going to stop posting them on there.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss a post (which I know you won’t!), hit the subscribe button!  I’ll keep posting them to Twitter but I’m getting tired of Facebook.  Don’t worry, I’ll remind you again next post too!

Packing is awful

12 Oct

That’s all I have to say.


Movin’ on

22 Aug

It’s hard to believe Billy and I are approaching our one year anniversary for living in Texas.  I mean, this year has just FLOWN by.  So much has happened!  Since our lease is just about up, we spent the weekend apartment searching.  Right now, we live in this amazing apartment that is walking distance to many restaurants, stores, pretty much anything I would ever need.  Plus, its located on this beautiful quarry.  I’m going to miss this view.

It’s also where Billy proposed, where we met our good friends Maria, Lance, Brian, Josh and where we got everything ready for our wedding.  So many great memories.

The great part about San Antonio is that it is growing so much.  My work is pretty far North from the Riverwalk, but the area around it is brand new meaning there are lots of new, great apartment complexes for us to check out.  We found one that we really liked but the guy was a little odd.  He giggled the whole time, told us something must have been in his pancakes and giggled some more.  Billy and I looked at each other like is this guy for real?  We ended up not signing at this place because we wanted to save more on the price.  The guy even asked us, “What can I do to make you sign right now?”

Me: “Lower the price”

Guy high on pancakes: “So you would sign right now if I lowered the price?”

Me: “Yes”

Guy high on pancakes: “Well, I can’t do that”

What’s the point of even asking then?  Oh and he told us to sweeten the deal we get a bottle of wine.  He asked if I would prefer white or red.  I said white.  So then he goes and gets it and puts it in front of me.  After it was time to leave, I took the bottle of wine.  Billy still thinks the wine was only if we signed, but why would he ask me which kind I wanted and put it right in front of me?  Regardless, I got a free bottle of wine. 

After visiting a few more complexes with less interesting stories, we finally found the one!  We are most excited about the price since we will be paying almost HALF of our current rent.  Granted, it was worth living at our current place for all the reasons I mentioned above, but we will be able to start saving a lot so hopefully our next place can be a condo or house of some sort.  Another plus?  It’s going to be super close to my work.  I’ll actually be able to go home for lunch which is just awesome. 

October can’t come soon enough!