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Pack ’em up

6 Jun

And move ’em out!  It’s time to move to a brand new house!  err… apartment.

Every time I move, I get this song stuck in my head.  It is from my most favorite Strawberry Shortcake episode ever when I was little.  It’s the best.



We’re moving to New Braunfels!

Billy got an awesome new job in Austin!   He’s just straight crushing it at BigCommerce and is absolutely loving it.

Since the commute for Billy from San Antonio to Austin is pretty long every day, we are moving to middle ground so I can go south to San Antonio and he can go north to Austin.

New Braunfels is a really cute, super country town and holds the little historic village of Gruene.  You may remember a previous post where I talk about tubing and Gruene Hall.  Our new apartment will be less than a mile from Gruene so we will be spending most of our time in town and floating down the river!

The best part about our new apartment is that it has an extra bedroom… so bring on the visitors!

Doesn’t that look like fun?  And you will have your option of hanging out in Austin or San Antonio, since we will be in the middle of the two!

We’ll be ready for you in July!


Parents Weekend

20 Sep

We have had the worst drought EVER in Texas this summer, and what does it do as soon as my parents get in the plane?  IT POURS.  And it didn’t stop for good until they got back on the plane to go home.  Luckily, we were fortunate enough to have a few breaks and were able to do a couple outdoor activities.

The first thing we did was visit the Alamo.  Although my parents have been to San Antonio a few times in the past, we have never actually been inside and my dad was dying to take a peek.

Here he is, so excited to see the Alamo.

When we go on family vacations, my dad is ALL about the tours.  Since none of us wanted to do that he got himself the little listening tour and entertained himself with TX history.

The next morning, we had a lovely breakfast at Ostra.  When we got married, our “day after” brunch was held at Ostra.  They did such a great job and had amazing food so my parents wanted to pay them another visit.  After we ate we took touristy pictures on the bridge in front of our wedding hotel, La Mansion del Rio.  I already told Billy I want to stay there again for our 1 year anniversary.  Just planning ahead.

Look, I even tried out the cowboy boots!  I didn’t even make it to lunch wearing those.  Blisters.  Ouch.

After that, I was excited to show them Gruene, this cute little town about 30 minutes outside of San Antonio.  They are known for the historic Gruene Hall which is the oldest dance hall in Texas.  According to an article I found in Southern Living, “Built in 1878, it helped launch the careers of household names such as Lyle Lovett and George Strait. And any musicians in Texas worth their cowboy boots have played on its stage.”  They also have a huge market once a month that is supposed to be great.

What does it do as soon as we drive out there?  IT POURS.  The vendors at the market close their booths early and I get sad and disappointed I couldn’t show them around.  We take cover in a cozy little store and wait until the rain lets up to drive back home.  I did get an early birthday present from that store, a Vera Bradley overnight bag which will come in handy for our trips back and forth to Chicago.  It’s bright and pretty and the perfect tote size.

Back in San Antonio, we decide to go to Dough for dinner, our favorite brick oven pizza place that I have raved about in the past.  My mom is obsessed with their hand pulled mozzarella and since she talks about it all the time, my dad decided he needed to try it out.  It lived up to his expectations.

To cap off the night, we went to Hofbrau so my dad could try the infamous beer-rita.

I think he liked it.

Overall I think it was a successful trip!  It’s really hard being so far away from my family and friends, so its always nice when they come to visit and we can spend extra time together.  Next up to come… Miss Sally Bluemke!  Can’t wait!