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Big News!

19 Jun

So, do you remember the last post I wrote?  About how Billy and I are moving to New Braunfels? 

Well you can forget that…


We’re moving to Austin!

Let’s go back, oh, 9 months or so, and I’ll tell you a little story about how we got here.

Around Thanksgiving time, 2011, Billy and I sat down for a serious chat.  His business was going extremely well, but it was taking far longer than they had originally anticipated to jump over all the red tape and get all their licenses and certifications.  At that time, we were thinking, maybe now is the best time to move back to Chicago.  So I started looking for jobs.

And looking.

And applied for hundreds of jobs.

And found nothing.

Until this past March.  Then I randomly heard from 2 companies and interviewed with them in Chicago.  Let’s call them Company A and Company B.  The interviews went well, I was really excited, and Billy and I started planning for Chicago livin’.

The only problem is that while I was told the interviews went well, the companies were apparently in no rush to hire me.  After 2 months of waiting to hear back from these companies, I randomly applied for a couple jobs in Austin, just to see.  Company C in Austin emailed me 3 days later saying they wanted to meet with me, so Billy decided to come with and ride along and explore Austin while I interviewed with Company C. 

While he was waiting, he stumbled upon an open career fair for a startup tech company and stopped by.  He was offered that job one week later!  And that’s how he started at BigCommerce.  He’s still working on his own company with his partner, it’s just happening more on the side for now.

He started that job right away, and I continued to wait for Companies A, B and C to get back to me.  Company C contacted me 3 weeks later saying they were no longer going to be hiring anyone and they were restructuring instead.  This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because that next week I heard their big client was cutting their spending by A LOT, meaning had I started with them, I might not have lasted there very long.

A couple days later, I got an email from another company in Austin asking for an interview.  Let’s call them Company D.  This interview took place last Friday.  While I was driving to Austin, I got a call from Company A in Chicago and they offered me a job!  I couldn’t even believe it.  Only a mere 4-5 months later.  And after Billy started a new, awesome job in Austin.

I told Company D that I got an offer from Company A and they quickly made me an offer that following Monday, as in yesterday!  So I’m happy to announce that I have accepted Company D’s offer.  And Company D is really called BancVue in Austin!

While our oringinal plan was to go back to Chicago because I miss my family more than I care to talk about, sometimes you have to let fate help you make your decisions.  Billy and I have spent the past 9 months looking and interviewing and writing cover letters for a jobs in Chicago and it has just been awful.  And then we barely even look for a jobs in Austin and it was just so easy and fast.  Had companies A & B not taken so long to make their decision, things would be different, but for now, it looks like we are meant to be in Texas!

So now we have to scramble to find a place to live.  I had to cancel our apt. in New Braunfels this morning and Billy is going to look for apartments in Austin over his lunch break today, because we need to move this weekend!  Our friends are getting married in Dallas next weekend so now is our only time before our current apartment ends this month.  And now you know why my posts have been so slacking.  I always have stuff I want to write about, but for obvious reasons, I couldn’t share until now.

We are really excited for our next big adventure!


Black Diamond

27 Apr

It’s two-posts Friday!  Well, at least this Friday it is.

Fiesta is kicking off this weekend here in San Antonio and that means no one works.  Except me.  Literally, companies close so people can go to all the Fiesta events.  Except mine.  So since it’s super slow here at work, I’ll blog!  Lucky you guys!

What is Fiesta, you may ask?

“Fiesta San Antonio” (or simply “Fiesta”) is an annual spring festival held in San Antonio, Texas with origins dating to the late 19th century. The festival began as a single event to honor the memory of the battles of The Alamo and San Jacinto.  Fiesta is the city’s biggest festival, with an economic impact of $284 million for the Alamo City. More than three million people take part in Fiesta. They can choose from more than 100 events that take place all over the city and beyond.

Let’s just say, it gets wild.


Last weekend Billy and I went back to Chicago and we went to the Black Diamond Charity’s 2nd annual event that my mom is in charge of.  Last year, they raised around $8,000.  This year it was closer to $16,000.  My mom has done an amazing job and we hope it keeps doubling each year!

My favorite part of the night was the photo booth.  Let me show you a few gems from the night.

And this one…

And this one…

And this one…

And this one…

There are lots more, but I think 5 are enough!

It was so great to see everyone!



20 Apr

Thank goodness it’s Friday.  That means that Addison is DONE with her first day of treatment.  I think the first one is always the hardest.  Not that any of the other times will be easier, but let’s just say it’s good to have one day down. 

Which reminds me, thank you for all who have been thinking of her and praying for her.  She really appreciates it and even sends a “thank you” picture!

Such a sweet girl!

Billy and I are jetting back to Chicago early tomorrow morning.  I can’t wait to be back and hopefully get to give Miss Addison a big hug and a little present I got for her.  Since we don’t know how she is going to react to the chemo, we aren’t sure if we will be able to actually see her.  Fingers crossed.

On another note, here is an amazing picture to look at to get you through Friday.

Billy and I went here a few weeks ago, it’s called Hamilton Pool.  It’s AMAZING and is only about 30 minutes outside of Austin.  You have to walk down this rocky path about a quarter mile to get there, and you feel like you are in the middle of Ferngully.  Super lush.

Then you cross this little bridge and it opens up to the pool area with a waterfall.  Apparently, this natural pool was created when an underground river collapsed.  You can swim, catch some rays and just enjoy this little beaut.  Billy’s favorite part, of course, was standing directly under the waterfall.

Happy Friday!


Prayers: Update

12 Apr

Hi friends!

I am so sorry that I haven’t posted in over a month, but this has been one of the craziest months I have ever had.  While I would love to tell you about what has been going on, I really can’t…  Yet… 

What I did want to do for this post was to ask for your help!  We found out just a few days ago that my little munchkin cousin, Addison, is sick.  The doctors found a cancerous mass in her liver and she will be starting chemo soon.  So I would like to ask that you please send a quick prayer to whatever God you belive in, and ask for her speedy recovery!  No 6 year old should have to go through something serious like this, so I appreciate every prayer you can give!

Addison as the "bubble girl" at my wedding!

While there is a donation link on the website, we would appreciate if the donations were sent directly to the family.  If you would like to donate, please contact me and I would be happy to accept a check and pass it along.  You can read up on her progress at Children’s Memorial  Hospital here:  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/addisonlocke.  We are also in the process of setting up a fundraiser for her and will let you know details as soon as we have them finalized!

Billy and I are going back to Chicago next weekend to visit the little peanut and to attend my mom’s annual event for the charity she runs, Black Diamond Charities.  If anyone is interested, we would love for you to attend!

Addison teaching me how to bust a move.

Thanks again for your support!



You bet your dupa I’m Polish

21 Feb

Happy Fat Tuesday!  For those who have any sliver of Polish in them, this translates to Happy Paczki Day!!!

If I was living in Chicago today, I would have started off my day stopping at Dinkel’s bakery downtown and getting some delicious Paczkis.  You may ask, what is a Paczki?  Basically heaven in your mouth. 

“A pączki is a deep-fried piece of dough shaped into a flattened sphere and filled with confiture or other sweet filling. Pączki are usually covered with powdered sugar, icing or bits of dried orange zest. A small amount of grain alcohol (traditionally, Spiritus) is added to the dough before cooking; as it evaporates, it prevents the absorption of oil deep into the dough.

In Poland, pączki are eaten especially on Fat Thursday (the last Thursday before Ash Wednesday). Many Polish Americans celebrate Pączki Day on Fat Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday). Traditionally, the reason for making pączki was to use up all the lard, sugar, eggs and fruit in the house, because they were forbidden to be consumed due to Catholic fasting practices during Lent.”

Strange Cargo, my favorite t-shirt place in Chicago, has this shirt.  One day it will be mine.

Anyway… I now live in San Antonio.  Where NO ONE has heard of a paczki!  The horror!

Last year, I literally called every bakery and asked if they made them.  They thought I was CRAZY.  Everyone said, “Do we have a WHAT?!”. 

So, since I don’t have my paczkis, I made something else this weekend that I thought I would share.

Slutty Brownies.

You are probably wondering why they are called slutty brownies.  Well, the website where I found the recipe tells me they are called slutty brownies because “They are oh so easy and more than a little bit filthy”

5 steps:

1. Make your standard chocolate chip cookie recipe and spread the dough in a pan like you are making cookie bars.

2. On top of the cookie dough, add a layer of Oreo cookies.

3. Make a batch of brownie dough and pour over the Oreo layer.

4. Bake at least 30 minutes.  (I kept it in about 45, was still too gooey)

5. Devour.

Enjoy your Fat Tuesday!


27 Jan

I know, I know, I’ve been a bad blogger.  But there really hasn’t been anything exciting going on lately besides work and that’s not the good kind of exciting.

I am super excited that it is FRIDAY!  It’s been a busy week at the office.  One fun thing is that Billy comes home today!  He’s been in Chicago since Monday for work so it’s been quiet down here in TX.  Just me and Gus Gus.  I will be sad at the state of our apartment when Billy comes home, it’s been so nice and clean this week!

Have you heard of the “sh*t people say” trend that is going on right now?  I THINK it all started with this video “sh*t girls say”:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-yLGIH7W9Y&feature=youtube_gdata_player

And I laughed, thought it was funny, but then got really annoyed when everyone tried to copy it with something that pertains to them.  I’ve heard of people making the following:

“sh*t Spanish girls say”

“sh*t New Yorkers say”

 “sh*t meat eaters say”

“sh*t people on facebook say”

 “sh*t old people when talking to computers say”

It’s getting ridiculous! 

But I did get excited when I saw this one:


“sh*t Chicagoans say!”

Best one by far.

Happy Friday!


Is it Christmas yet?

29 Nov

We’re finally back in Texas!  And already ready to go back for Christmas.  It was SO nice having a long weekend and seeing a lot of family and friends.

In a nutshell, here is my Chicago recap.

Wednesday: Wake up at 4 AM with a sore throat.  I caught whatever sickness Billy had.  Ugh.  Arrive at the airport around 5:30 AM for our flight back to Chicago.  That night my sister, dad and Billy’s dad joined us for a few beers at the local Hinsdale bar, Bellouminis.

Thursday: Wake up, SO SICK!  Play an intense round of Turkeybowl and my team wins (obviously) for the millionth year in a row.  Later that day we attend 2 Thanksgivings and I can’t smell or taste a thing.  How depressing.  I did contribute my famous pumpkin bread and ate a lot of that because although I couldn’t taste it, I still knew it was good. 

Billy’s brother, Brett, is a Vegan.  He made a few Vegan dishes including cream of mushroom soup, mashed potatoes and creamed spinach.  I tried it all.  I figured, why not?  If it’s awful I can’t taste it anyway.

After we stuffed ourselves we headed over to my friend Rachel’s house.  We had a lovely time and found out some BIG news!  Jenny Rumpel is expecting a little Rumpel baby!  She is due in May.  We are so excited to all be aunts.

Friday: SLEEP IN.  Take lots of Mucinex.  Head to Target to get a black Friday special on Billy’s Christmas present.    Help my mom put up the Christmas snow village.  I specialized in making snow mountains by using a hot wire on styrofoam.  Highly entertaining.  We then head downtown to see Billy’s friends in the Wicker Park area and drive back that night.  I think we are getting too old to crash on couches because while that sounded like so much fun a few years ago, it now sounds terrible.  Sigh.

Saturday: SLEEP IN again.  Take some more Mucinex.  We were supposed to do fun downtown things this day but the rain had other plans for us.  We ended up laying low until the evening when we drove downtown again to see my friends at Nora’s cute apartment in Old Town.  Love them.

Sunday:  Watched the Bears game!  So disappointed in Hanie.  Had a DELICIOUS dinner at Cooper’s Hawk.  I’m addicted to their scallops and pretzel bread.  So good.

Monday:  Fly back!

Well, that’s all folks!  Hope you had as good of a Thanksgiving as I did!  (minus the getting sick part, sorry mom)