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Fantasy Football

25 Aug

I’m obsessed with football.  But that obsession sticks only to Mizzou football and the Bears.  I look forward to watching the games every fall, but after those games are over, I’m ready to move on and change the channel.  Not so much for Billy.  He is even more obsessed than I am.  We just have one tv, which has not been a problem up until this point, but I had no idea just HOW MUCH he watches football until pre-season started.  It’s always on!  For every game!  He even spent last weekend organizing a fantasy football league with his high school friends.  The draft is on Sunday.

Last weekend as he chatted away with his high school friends, I joked around about joining their league, never seriously thinking about joining.  I played fantasy football in the past at my old job and actually really liked it, especially since I picked my players based on how attractive they were and named my team PrettyPrettyPrincess.  The best part?  I WON.  Well, 2nd place, but that is still pretty good if you ask me.

So, much to my surprise, I get an email today asking me to join my hubby’s fantasy football league, Cowboy Bill’s Rodeo.  Never would I expect to interrupt his “guys league”, especially since his team’s name is something like “BallandChain”.  Real nice.  It turns out he has an ulterior motive.  He wants to keep our one tv on football all season long.  He thinks if I have a fantasy team I’ll want to watch it all night and day ’till the break of dawn.  We’ll see about that.  Now I just have to decide if I should resurrect PrettyPrettyPrincess or pick something new…


Go Longhorns!

18 Aug

I never thought I would be rooting for another college team besides Mizzou, but, on October 29th, we are going to our first University of Texas football game! 

AND, it just so happens, they are playing the worst team that could ever exist.  kansas.  With a lowercase “k”.

So I’ll be cheering my heart out here:

Wearing something like this:

And doing something like this:

While yelling, “Hook’em Horns!”

Because everyone knows how much I hate kansas.


11 Aug

It’s August… which means football season is JUST around the corner.  My friend Megan tweeted this post last night from the Bleacher Report and I just had to share it as well.

College Football Preseason Rankings 2011:

The Top 25’s Best Game-Day Traditions

I’m not going to post every one, but I will list a few highlights.

22. Notre Dame: “Play Like a Champion Today”

I don’t like Notre Dame, so I think it’s funny that they are low on this list for a dumb tradition.  Footplayers slap the “Play like a champion” sign on the way out of the locker room?  Pretty lame.

10. Wisconsin: The Fifth Quarter

My friend Nora and all her Wisconsin friends that I have also befriended will love that they are in the top 10.  After each home game, the Wisconsin marching band plays the winning team’s school song to its fans, plays the other team’s song to their fans and then breaks out into playing fun, random songs for the next 15 minutes.

9. Texas: Bevo

Now that Billy and I live so close to Austin, I hope to see Bevo, the Longhorn’s living mascot, this year!

7. Georgia: Uga

I had to include this other living mascot simply because my sister’s boyfriend, Roberto, is obsessed with bulldogs.

4. Missouri: Harpo’s Goal Post

This one is number one in my book.  Tearing down the goal post after a big game and carrying it to Harpos.  I wish I were there when it happened against Oklahoma last year, but I did get to experience it when we beat Nebraska when I was in college.  Love it.

To see the full list, click here!