17 Feb

So I broke my toe this morning.  Either broke it or dislocated it.  It’s all puffy and my baby toe is sticking out abnormally.  It hurts. 

Ok, so that’s not my foot.  But my toe does kind of look like that, just on the right foot.  I guess it is broken.

And I did it by doing something that doesn’t seem so dangerous.  I was getting dressed!  I don’t even know how it happened, I somehow kicked the couch and my toe hit the corner.  What a bad start to the weekend!  I was looking forward to doing a super secret fun activity with Billy on Sunday.  Maybe it will feel better by then?

Billy did bring me some breakfast and tape to work to fasten my gimp toe to the next one, so that was nice of him.


Does anyone have any fun things planned for this weekend so I can live vicariously through them?


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