BBQ Cookoff

3 Feb

The Rodeo kicked off last weekend with a BBQ Cookoff and since the claim was there were something like 237 contestants, Billy and I decided this was something we needed to attend.

While we didn’t get to sample as much BBQ as we would have liked, it was a lot of fun walking around and seeing Texans in their element.

And seeing how fancy their booths were.  Some even looked like store fronts.

And then seeing how many different types of grills there were.  That was most impressive to me.

We found one booth filled with tons of delicious salsas and sauces and decided to take some salsa home called “cowboy candy” and “raspberry jalapeno”.  I’m a huge fan of the raspberry jalapeno.  Billy thought this was pronounced, “Shaw-Nay”…

They even passed out Texas shaped cheese crackers on our way out.

Texans just love Texas.



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