27 Jan

I know, I know, I’ve been a bad blogger.  But there really hasn’t been anything exciting going on lately besides work and that’s not the good kind of exciting.

I am super excited that it is FRIDAY!  It’s been a busy week at the office.  One fun thing is that Billy comes home today!  He’s been in Chicago since Monday for work so it’s been quiet down here in TX.  Just me and Gus Gus.  I will be sad at the state of our apartment when Billy comes home, it’s been so nice and clean this week!

Have you heard of the “sh*t people say” trend that is going on right now?  I THINK it all started with this video “sh*t girls say”:

And I laughed, thought it was funny, but then got really annoyed when everyone tried to copy it with something that pertains to them.  I’ve heard of people making the following:

“sh*t Spanish girls say”

“sh*t New Yorkers say”

 “sh*t meat eaters say”

“sh*t people on facebook say”

 “sh*t old people when talking to computers say”

It’s getting ridiculous! 

But I did get excited when I saw this one:

“sh*t Chicagoans say!”

Best one by far.

Happy Friday!



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