Almond Appreciation

9 Jan

I’ve got a case of the Mondays.  Its rainy, and gloomy, and my first full week back to work since before the holidays.  Sigh.

Anyway… Billy has introduced me to something delicious… Almond milk!

He used to drink it in college during his Vegan phase but then stopped when he left Mizzou.  Since we are starting to think he is a bit lactose intolerant, we bought the Silk Vanilla flavor to try out.  I’m surprised how much I like it! 

If you drink it expecting it to taste exactly like regular milk, you will probably be disappointed.  If you buy it just as another good drink to have in the fridge, you will love it.  It reminds me of a vanilla milkshake.

Yesterday, HEB (the Texas grocery store) was out of the vanilla flavor, so I opted to try the chocolate flavor.  EVEN BETTER.  I think the chocolate flavor tastes more like regular chocolate milk.  And you can never go wrong with chocolate milk.

I still love dairy milk, and buy it for my cereal, oatmeal and cookie eating, but if I just want a glass of something to yummy to drink, I find myself reaching for the almond milk.  You should try it!

Side note… be warned of generic brands.  We bought the HEB brand a few weeks back and it tasted like play-doh.  While I may have liked that in the past, I do not want that now.


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