A Texas Christmas Party

22 Dec

I’m a little delayed in writing this post because I took pictures on my camera and keep forgetting to upload them. So I’m going to steal my coworker’s pictures to write this post.

A few weeks ago was my company’s Christmas party. I was excited for this not only because I knew it would be fun, but because I was the one planning it!

I stumbled upon this little place called “Tejas Rodeo” and did some research. It’s hard to describe but it’s essentially a place that holds small rodeos, then has horse stables and a pavillion and a steak house and it it set up to look like an old Western town. I thought it would be fun to get a band and rent out the pavillion so I booked it! It ended up being a ton of fun and I got so many compliments from people saying how this was the best company party they had ever been too.

So I pulled on my boots and Billy and I were the first ones on the dance floor. Pretending like we knew how to two-step.

The band was great and shortly after this picture was taken the dance floor was packed.

The tables under the pavillion were picnic tables, and I arranged them all in a line and put these centerpieces that I made on all the tables. When the candles were lit it looked so pretty! Who knew mason jars, rope and bandanas could be such great centerpieces?

I also created these “Wanted” posters of all the managers and hung them around the area.

His eyes are closed, but you get the idea.

We all ate lots of BBQ and danced and had a great time!

After the party I had a few people tell me they doubted that me, a city girl from Chicago, could plan a Texas Western party. But they were wrong! I guess they never realized my love for planning parties!


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