Life with Gus Gus

8 Dec

Gus Gus has been here about 2 weeks now and I thought I would give you some updates!

One of my main concerns was Gus and Billy’s relationship with each other.  Gus had a tendency to act like a punk but Billy has quickly put Gus in his place and now they are bff.

Billy even made Gus a “scarf” with scraps of fabric.

And Gus takes care of Billy by licking his wounds.

Maybe Billy got Gus to behave by bribing him with peanut butter?  He likes putting it on his foot so Gus can lick it off. 

Our neighbors Jill & Joey came over for a drink the other night and Gus completely ignored us.  He found some more bffs.  Side note… Joey brews beer and brought some homemade beer over that night.  Billy has become obsessed with the Porter brew, saying it’s one of the best he’s ever had.  So, Jill, expect an order from us soon!

It’s nice taking him on walks every night, but I got freaked out last night by Texas wildlife.  I was walking him, not really paying attention, and all of a sudden I realize we were SURROUNDED by vultures.  I wish I had my phone to take a pic.  I’m not exaggerating when I say there were probably 75 all perched on the light posts, trees, bushes, you name it.  It was creepy.

On the return walk I noticed a dead deer which apparently was the reason why so many were there, but let’s just say I was scared for Gus Gus’ life and I kept him VERY close to me.

Gus still likes watching TV, and loves to lay on top of me while watching.

And the weirdest thing he does?  He somehow became obsessed with the shower.  I’m not sure if it’s because it has a high water pressure and he thinks its like a hose?  But every time the shower turns on he SPRINTS into the bathroom and stands over the tub crying with his tail furiously wagging.  Very odd.

By the end of the day he’s exhausted, and he snuggles up in his blanket to sleep. 

So far it’s been surprisingly good!



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