It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

5 Dec

Billy and I did a little holiday decorating this weekend!

I put up my Christmas village…

It’s about 1/100th of the size of my mom’s village, but I still think it’s pretty.

I pulled out the “SANTA” letters that used to be my Granny’s…

Bought and decorated our Christmas tree!  Since we are limited on space this year we opted for a “baby” Christmas tree.  It’s just so tiny and cute!

A few of my favorite ornaments: 

  • Texas boot from our first Christmas in Texas
  • Gus Gus ornament!
  • Mizzou Tiger
  • Wedding cake for our first Christmas together as a married couple!
  • And then pretty much every ornament from my childhood.  Every year my mom let us pick out one we wanted for the tree and then she just gave them all to me last year so my first tree wouldn’t be empty.

Lit my favorite tree-scented candles…

I do have to say Bath & Body Work’s “Tree” scented candle is far better and stronger, but I found this one at Michael’s for $5.  Can’t pass that up!

And then when everything was finally up, Billy and I sat back and enjoyed some of Shiner Bock’s holiday beer called Shiner Cheer.

You need to try it, seriously.  It’s so good.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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