Gus Gus is a good boy

29 Nov

Here’s a little early Christmas present to you… 2 posts in one day!

I just had to tell you about my adventures with Gus Gus.  If you recall, we flew him back to Texas with us!

My mom went to the store and picked up a Sherpa bag.  I was very nervous about this whole things so I did a lot of research and that seemed to be the best kind.  To get him used to the bag I started carrying him around the house in it and even took him to the vet to make sure the vet thought it was a good idea.  Gus hated the bag.  He did pass the vet test and the vet even gave me some medicine to give to Gus to make him sleepy while traveling.

Yesterday morning, I kept the crate out by my suitcase and Gus avoided it all day.  Daisy, however, seemed to love it and even decided to take her morning nap in it.

An hour before we left for the airport I gave Gus his pill, expecting him to get tired.  He did not.  I waited until we got to the airport to put him in the carrier and I think the hustle and bustle of the airport made him nervous because he started shaking a little in his carrier.  The security line was really long so I had to carry him the whole time and slowly inch up.  By the time we got to the x-ray machines my arms were killing me.  I’m super buff today.

Now I had no idea how to go through security with a dog.  My sister told me she saw someone just carry their dog through the x-ray still in its carrier but this is FALSE!  They made me take him out of the carrier, put the carrier on the x-ray, and then walk him though screening while carrying him and then immediately put him back in the carrier.  Poor dog, he was so confused.

After that, I started feeling a little better and I think he started to get a little sleepy.  We sat at the gate and he patiently waited in his bag.

Yes, he looks depressed.  But I did sneak him a little bit of my hot dog and he got excited about that.

On the plane, I had to stuff him under the seat in front of us.  I felt bad.  He hated it, but was still really good.  He tried scratching a few times like he wanted to get out, but we just nudged the bag a little and I gave him part of a treat.  That seemed to work and he calmed down seemed to sleep the rest of the flight.

You can just barely see his little nose!

When we got off the plane, the flight attendant seemed surprised that there was a dog even on the plane and even complimented us that he was a good traveler.  HUGE sigh of relief!

Overall, I couldn’t be happier at how well he did!  This is also very reassuring because since he seemed to do so well, we will do it back and forth for Christmas too so he doesn’t have to stay at a boarding place here in Texas.  It’s just not Christmas without Gus Gus!

And if you are wondering how he did the rest of the night?

He was exhausted.  And slept here on the couch all night.

What a good boy.


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