Here comes trouble…

18 Nov

Someone is going to be living with us soon.  Can you guess who?

A few hints…

1.  He requires a lot of attention.

2. He likes to snuggle.

3. He likes to watch TV, specifically Animal Planet.

4. Goldfish are his favorite treats.

5. He is covered in fur.

If you guessed Gus Gus, you are correct!

This trouble maker will be coming back to Texas with Billy and I after Thanksgiving.  You think he looks innocent, right?


He’s a little stinker.  But I love him and I’m really excited to have him come down.  Just as long as he and Billy get along.  They love to mess with each other which causes problems and Gus gives Billy his mean Elvis look where he shows a little teeth.

Which means he’s about to nip at Billy if he doesn’t knock it off.

I’m also excited to have a walking buddy.  Billy is currently my walking buddy but he likes to trick me half way and be like “let’s start jogging!”.  Ugh.  Although I have to say the other night I got the biggest motivation to run because as we were walking along the path a woman passed us and said, “The snakes are out, be careful”.  WHAT?!  I definitely started running then.

So this weekend I have to pick up some essentials, most of which I’ll just take from Chicago so I don’t have to buy all new stuff.  But I should pick up some of his favorite “special” treats.

The ones where his pic is on the bag!  It still makes me smile seeing his face on that bag when I’m shopping at Target.

Also, for those who don’t know Gus Gus, we named him after the chubby mouse in Cinderella. 

You can see the resemblance, right?

The only problem with this whole thing is that I have to FLY Gus down.  I’m not going to lie, it makes me really nervous.  He’s a 10 year old dog who has never flown so I’m worried he’s going to have a heart attack!  He’s terrified of thunder, so I can’t imagine him with all the plane sounds!  We’re taking him to the vet when I’m back in Chicago so maybe he’ll get some meds to calm him, but I’m still going to be freaking out the entire 2.5 hour flight.  We have to look for a little carrier for under the seat in front of me, I heard the Sherpa ones are great.  At least I can check on him from there, right?

Has anyone flown with a pet before?  Any tips?


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