Sweet Home Chicago!

16 Nov

Billy and I will be in Chicago in ONE WEEK!  We are so super excited to see everyone when we are there!!!

A few fun things that we will most likely do…

  • Belloumini’s for Black Wednesday with David and Sal Pal and probably the whole town of Hinsdale.
  • Turkeybowl with my girlfriends on Thanksgiving morning.  We have been doing this for what, maybe 10 years now?  Yikes we are old.  Here are a few pics from years past of the WINNING team.  I think this is from 2009.

and this is 2008 maybe?  I’m still obsessed with Rachel’s outfit.

  • 2 Thanksgiving dinners.  Let’s hope I can fit in my pants the next day.
  • A little Christmas decorating?
  • A LOT of Black Friday shopping
  • Zoo lights maybe?!?!  I always love seeing the zoo lights.  It was one of Billy and my first real dates! 

And who knows what else!


Will you be in Chicago for Thanksgiving?


One Response to “Sweet Home Chicago!”

  1. rbassler November 16, 2011 at 10:30 am #

    Everyone loves the leotard!! Can’t wait to see you and dominate in Turkeybowl!

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