More visitors!

14 Nov

Billy and I have been loving all the visitors lately!  First my parents, then my sister, then Billy’s parents and we even got a bonus to have lunch with my aunt and uncle who were in town for a work conference.

When Billy’s parents and brother came, we had a beautiful morning and rode bikes up and down the river.  The next day, it was cloudy and rainy but that did not stop Billy and Trevor from going tubing.  It was too cold and gross for me but they said they had a blast, especially since they were the ONLY people on the river!

While they did that, Billy’s parents and I ventured to Gruene, the cute little town I took my parents to when they came and visited.  We did a little wine tasting…

And browsed the fun country stores.  I even got a cowboy hat that I can wear to my Texas themed work Christmas party.

My Aunt Lori and Uncle Robert were in town this past weekend and we took them to the greatest fajita place known to man.  I know, bold statement, but this place is awesome.

Their slogan?

Yes, yes it is.

Who’s next to visit?!


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