Holiday Coffee Lovin’

3 Nov

It’s November.  One year ago Billy and I got engaged and it feels just like yesterday.  Now we are married and settled into our new place and getting used to our new normal.  It’s been fabulous.

November in Texas is like September in Chicago.  The temperatures are around 75-80 and sunny and it’s glorious.  The heat wave has FINALLY passed!  Although the weather is amazing, I’m still missing the leaves changing back up North.  Sigh.

Another exciting thing about November?  I’TS ALMOST THE HOLIDAYS!  Billy and I can’t wait to go back to Chicago for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And I can’t wait to listen to Chrismas music.  And change out my pumpkin candles for the Bath & Body Works “Tree” scented candles.  They.  Smell.  Amazing. 

Don’t worry Billy, I’ll save the Christmas music and Tree candles for after Thanksgiving.  It will be hard.

I also love that time of year when Starbucks starts brewing their Peppermint Mochas.  Even though I order them all year round, there is something different about drinking them during the holiday season.  Since we no longer live above Starbucks and I hate paying the ridiculous “special edition” coffee price, I’ve been searching for other alternatives.

I didn’t have to look far…

DELICIOUS!  I simply pop my little K-cup into my Keurig and pour a little of this creamer into my cup and I’m instantly thinking of Christmas shopping and Santa.

The only problem?  EVERYONE in San Antonio seems to agree with me.  We bought this once and I haven’t been able to find it again, it’s always sold out. 

So my back up is this:

Even though this isn’t peppermint flavored, I have to say this is a good runner up for holiday creamers.  I think it would be ideal to eat a Cinnabon while drinking the Cinnabon flavored coffee.  But still pretty good all by itself.

What’s your favorite holiday drink??


2 Responses to “Holiday Coffee Lovin’”

  1. Emily November 3, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

    Kids’ hot coca from Caribou, of course! Especially if you’ve gotten the trivia discount 🙂

    • True Blue November 4, 2011 at 8:33 am #

      I miss our Caribou dates! DIdn’t that come with a cocoa monster too?!

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