Silly Sally came to town

11 Oct

Walking backwards, upside down. 

Not really, but one of Sally’s favorite books growing up was called “Silly Sally” so whenever I say, “Sally came to town”, I think of that book.

Unfortunately, like every other time my family comes to town, it rained.  So no tubing.  Which made me upset.  But it was still really nice to see her and get to spend time with her.

When she first arrived on Saturday we went to lunch at La Gloria.  They are known for their “street foods of Mexico”.  Authentic Mexican, YUM.

It’s located at the Pearl Brewery where we had our wedding reception, so naturally they sold Pearl Beer there and of course we ordered that.

I know my nail polish is chipping.  I need a manicure.

The rest of the weekend we just ate lots of Mexican, practiced running like Dinosaurs and drank some vino. 

And Billy gave Sally her birthday present, a calendar with Sal nicknames!  Every time Billy sees Sally he tries to think of a new nickname for her, always starting with SAL.  So he compiled a bunch of names and we got this glorious present.

Here she is opening it wondering, “What could it be?!”

Realizing what it is. 

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the months.

Pretty much the greatest present a brother-in-law could ever give.

COME BACK pleeeeeeeease!


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