Let’s talk iPhone…

3 Oct

Those 3 words gave me goosebumps last week.  Apple sent out this memo with this logo about a conference that they are holding tomorrow.  The subject?  The iPhone. 

I don’t think you have any idea just HOW EXCITED I am for the release of the new iPhone!  I’ve been reading rumor blogs and news articles for the past few months, desperate for any whisper of information about their new product.  My trusty 3G iPhone has lasted me almost 3 years.  FAR longer than any other cell phone I have ever owned.  And while the basic functions still work, it’s definitely showing its age and is time for a new one.  I have been thinking about getting the iPhone 4 for the past 6 months, but I just KNEW a brand new shiny one would be coming out soon.  I would have been devastated if I bought the iPhone 4 and then a few weeks later the iPhone 5 came out.

It looks like my patience is finally going to pay off!  Tomorrow is the day when Apple is expected to announce their latest iPhone update at 10AM PST.  So around my lunch time, I’ll be glued to my online news updates and furiously gchatting with Cobert about what is taking place.

A few things I have read, all from the rumor mills, about what the new iPhone 5 will be like…

– Wider screen than the iPhone 4

– Thinner than the iPhone 4

– Tapered/teardrop shape

– 8 megapixel camera

– iCloud storage system

– iOS software

I.  CAN’T.  WAIT!!!

Let’s just hope it lives up to my, and the whole world’s, expectations.  After all this hype, let’s hope they just don’t come out with an iPhone 4S or something lame like that.  We’ll find out tomorrow!!


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