The best chocolate cake ever

27 Sep

I know, I know, that title is a bold statement.  Maybe I should say I had ONE OF the best chocolate cakes ever last night?  Billy is doing big things for his business in Tennessee today and is getting back tomorrow either in the afternoon or evening.  Since he isn’t sure what time he will be back tomorrow, he wanted to take me out to dinner and do a little birthday celebrating last night.  We live directly across from Flemmings, a fancy little steakhouse restaurant.  We have never gone before because, well, we thought it was way too expensive. 

We were WRONG.  Well, at least during happy hour.  Every day they have their “5, for $6, ’till 7” deal.  What makes me angry is that we are just finding this out 2 weeks before we move!!!

So we snacked on their delicious homemade chips.  (Mom, you would have LOVED.)

And had a couple glasses of wine.  And ate their calamari which I ate too fast before I could get a picture.  And got this AMAZING burger, all for $6 each.  (Mom, you would have LOVED this burger more than the chips)

The best part was the dessert!  Billy told them it was my birthday and they brought out this delicious masterpiece for us to enjoy.


Billy didn’t think my original picture showed you how big the cake was, so he took this extra pic for you.

We could only eat half last night so we wrapped it up. 

I know what my dinner is tonight.


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