The Beer-rita

30 Aug

Since we are moving in a little over a month, Billy and I are trying to take advantage of all the restaurants and bars that we can walk to from our apartment.  On Friday, we chose the Hofbrau.  Yes, this is technically a German beergarden, but they are known for something very Texan, the elusive beer-rita. 

Being from Chicago, we had never seen something like this before so of course we tried it out.  The bartender makes the margarita and then flips a bottle of beer into it.  Every few sips you are supposed to lift out the bottle to let a little more beer in to the margarita.  There are many beer/margarita combinations you can choose so we went with the original called the “Dos-a-rita” due to the dos equis.  It was delicious.

Our neighbor, Josh (aka Jetman), came out with us and the 3 of us enjoyed our Dos-a-ritas.

Next time, I will not drink wine before having one of these again.  One beer-rita is all you need!


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