The heat is on

25 Aug

I’m always cold.  For example, it’s 100+ degrees outside and I currently have a heater running in my office because my office is too chilly.  When we moved to Texas, I found myself saying I could never get sick of the heat, that I would rather be all warm and snuggly instead of feeling like my fingers would crack off.  I would like to tak that statement back.  I’m tired of sweating and I find myself fantasizing about snow.  Look at my forecast. 

Seriously?  112? 

As of yesterday, Central Texas has broken a new record, 70 days straight of triple-digit temps.  The last time that happened was in 1925.  According to that forecast it looks like we will be shattering that record again and again!

I don’t even bother with my hair anymore.  Ever.  I wake up in the morning, wash it and immediately put it up.  There’s no use in drying or straightening when I know its going to stick to my neck or frizz the second I walk out the door.  I’m seriously considering chopping it.

Not only is it hot, its super dry here too.  It never rains.  Every Sunday, the priest has us all pray for rain.  It’s the worst drought in Texas history.  I get excited if I see clouds, hoping a little relief is on our way. 

Please, let it come out way!

By the way, my cute hubby and I have been married 2 months, today!  I feel like our wedding was yesterday.  So amazing how fast time flies.


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