Movin’ on

22 Aug

It’s hard to believe Billy and I are approaching our one year anniversary for living in Texas.  I mean, this year has just FLOWN by.  So much has happened!  Since our lease is just about up, we spent the weekend apartment searching.  Right now, we live in this amazing apartment that is walking distance to many restaurants, stores, pretty much anything I would ever need.  Plus, its located on this beautiful quarry.  I’m going to miss this view.

It’s also where Billy proposed, where we met our good friends Maria, Lance, Brian, Josh and where we got everything ready for our wedding.  So many great memories.

The great part about San Antonio is that it is growing so much.  My work is pretty far North from the Riverwalk, but the area around it is brand new meaning there are lots of new, great apartment complexes for us to check out.  We found one that we really liked but the guy was a little odd.  He giggled the whole time, told us something must have been in his pancakes and giggled some more.  Billy and I looked at each other like is this guy for real?  We ended up not signing at this place because we wanted to save more on the price.  The guy even asked us, “What can I do to make you sign right now?”

Me: “Lower the price”

Guy high on pancakes: “So you would sign right now if I lowered the price?”

Me: “Yes”

Guy high on pancakes: “Well, I can’t do that”

What’s the point of even asking then?  Oh and he told us to sweeten the deal we get a bottle of wine.  He asked if I would prefer white or red.  I said white.  So then he goes and gets it and puts it in front of me.  After it was time to leave, I took the bottle of wine.  Billy still thinks the wine was only if we signed, but why would he ask me which kind I wanted and put it right in front of me?  Regardless, I got a free bottle of wine. 

After visiting a few more complexes with less interesting stories, we finally found the one!  We are most excited about the price since we will be paying almost HALF of our current rent.  Granted, it was worth living at our current place for all the reasons I mentioned above, but we will be able to start saving a lot so hopefully our next place can be a condo or house of some sort.  Another plus?  It’s going to be super close to my work.  I’ll actually be able to go home for lunch which is just awesome. 

October can’t come soon enough!


2 Responses to “Movin’ on”

  1. Jill @ SA Newlywed August 22, 2011 at 9:47 am #

    Oh, I love your current place so much but I def understand the move! Where are you guys heading?

    • True Blue August 22, 2011 at 10:33 am #

      We are moving to the Estates at Canyon Ridge on October 14th. That should be a lot closer to you guys, right?

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