Texas Wildlife

16 Aug

From my last post I think you can tell I’m not the outdoorsy type.  I’m a total girl and not afraid to admit that.  Since we have been down in Texas, I have come across way more wildlife than I had ever dreamed.  Living in Chicago, I had just gotten used to seeing rats and house centipedes in the city.  I disliked both of them very much, but at least I was used to them.

The first thing I noticed in Texas were the amount of lizards.  Those don’t bother me too much because I just see them outside for a second and then scurry away as soon as you come close by.

This I am not ok with.

Scorpions?!?!  It was a little bigger than it seems in the picture because I was standing on the stairs at my office yelling for someone other than myself to come kill it.

The next thing I found was this.

This walking stick was HUGE!  After I saw this I went around the building to the other door to completely avoid it.  This was also at my office.  I go in and start telling my coworkers about this crazy bug I saw and they just looked at me like I was crazy.  Apparently they are common here.

Now, I don’t love seeing weird creatures, but I can handle it when it’s not in my own house.  Last night that changed when I found this!

Billy’s shirt was laying on the floor, as usual, and I bend over to pick it up.  This little thing came scurrying out from under the shirt and I immediately start screaming like a little girl.  Billy starts yelling, “What?  What is it?”, but he doesn’t come over right away.  He was “watching tv” so he was distracted, but I think it was because he was scared too.  He mans up, catches it, and sets it free outside.  A quick google search told us that this is a common house gecko.  I don’t like it.  I know it’s small but I never want to see one in my apartment again.


One Response to “Texas Wildlife”

  1. HOPE BROWN August 16, 2011 at 8:34 pm #

    Nennie, you are a hoot!

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