I don’t like trail runs

15 Aug

Billy is super active.  I am… well… let’s just say I thought I was active until I met Billy.  I’m not going to lie, I don’t like working out.  But I realize its importance and I do it a few times a week.  If Billy doesn’t work out for one day he goes crazy.  It’s a part of him.  When we first started dating he was running ultra marathons which for those of you who aren’t familiar with running terms means you run a marathon AND KEEP GOING.  Which is just crazy talk to me.  One day, in the middle of a Chicago winter, Billy got the urge to go running.  He started in the Chicago western suburbs and sauntered all the way down to my old apartment in the city.  He was entertained by a few deer and gang members.  Yeah.  Really safe running through the west side of the city.  The total distance?  34 miles.  INSANE.

Anyway…  This weekend Billy wanted to go mountain biking.  One of his many other passions in the active world.  He normally does this a few times a week but for some reason he really wanted me to come with this time.  I don’t mountain bike, but I said I would go to the trail with him and do a little running while he biked.

As soon as I started running I immediately regretted it.

First of all, I came across this sign at the start.

Snakes and wild animals?  That’s just great.

Then I jog a little further and I realize how ALONE I am.  It’s quiet.  Too quiet.  I stop and look around and this is what I see.

Are you thinking this looks like the start of a horror movie?  That’s exactly what I was thinking.  I immediately turn off my iPod so I can start listening for murderers.  And I start running back as fast as I can.

To top it off, at approximately every eighth of a mile, the trail splits.  So as I’m trying to sprint back to the car without getting stabbed, I get myself lost.  Start hyperventilating.  Completely overreact.

I eventually make it back to the car and quickly lock myself in and wait for Billy to finish biking.  I wish I knew how far I went, because I’m sure I broke my personal record.

I’ll stick to the road next time.


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