I should have been a hipster

12 Aug

I’m obsessed with Foster the People.  I happen to be listening to them right now so they inspired today’s post.  I know, I know, everyone has probably heard of their song “Pumped up kicks” because they play it on the radio now, but I’ve been in love with them for the past few months.  Their song “Houdini” deserves a good listen too.  It doesn’t hurt that Mark Foster is a cutie and Cubbie Fink?  Swoon.  It’s funny how much my taste in music differs from my friends.  To me, Rhianna whines WAY too much and Beyonce makes me want to cut my ears off (although Trish and I did spend a good amount of time learning the single ladies dance, just for fun).  My first choice is always going to be some sort of Indie Rock.  I practically cried when I realized the good days at Austin City Limits were sold out.

Not only does my taste in music sway me more towards the hipster lifestyle, but it also used to also be my taste in men.  Whenever my friends and I would go out, I would immediately notice the hipster in the corner.  I don’t know if it was the thick glasses, skinny jeans or Ray Bans, but I was smitten.  Of course, the only friend that understood my attraction was Rachel, and we would spend the rest of the night whispering and stealing glances at him.  It turns out, my hipster attraction was apparently only short-lived because my husband is the exact OPPOSITE of that.  But it’s ok, he’s much cuter and stronger than any hipster would be and I’m just fine with that.


One Response to “I should have been a hipster”

  1. blame the media August 12, 2011 at 11:35 am #

    Oh no one truly wants to be a pretentious hipster! Be yourself baby girl

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