Go big or go home

10 Aug

I’m a huge fan of BIG and TALL centerpieces at wedding.  I feel like a good amount of people focus on other aspects of the wedding and throw the flowers or centerpieces together at the last minute not realizing how much of an impact it has on the wedding.  So much of the reception is about the “feel” of the room.  When you walk in to the reception, you want your guests to take it all in and the centerpieces make a huge difference and help set your style.  Plus your guests sit and stare at them all through dinner so you might as well make them pretty, right?  My reception was in a refurbuished stable on the old Pearl Brewery grounds.  The room itself was amazing, and I wanted to play up the natural wood and rustic, vintage feel.  My florist, Sue, was awesome.  She has the cutest flower shop called Alamo Plants & Petals and after our first discussion she knew exactly what I wanted. 

Can’t you see how the tall centerpieces give the room that little something extra?  Plus it makes the pictures look great having the flowers come out above the guest’s heads.

It doesn’t even have to be flowers.  Our friends Maria & Lance had centerpieces kind of like these but the vases were taller and they alternated the tables with flowers and vases.  It was a pretty effect.

This couple just used feathers, but it still gives it that big, bold look.

Obviously there are some pretty amazing short centerpieces out there too, but I just love the look of the tall.


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