What’s in a name?

8 Aug

My maiden name is Bluemke.  This is important information to know to understand why my dad’s nickname in high school was Blue.   Pretty obvious.  My coworkers from my first job after college called me Blue as well but while my “blue” nickname fizzled out after I left that job, my dad’s friends still call him that to this day and made a big enough impact to make it to my parent’s wedding bands.  They both say “True Blue”.  I always thought it was cool and tried to top when I was thinking of what to put on Billy’s wedding band, which was really hard.  By the way, his ring says “A million kisses”.  You may think it’s cheesy, but we seriously tried to calculate how many years it would take to reach a million kisses.  I think we determined something ridiculous like 100 kisses a day for 72.5 years.  I really can’t remember the number right now but I thought it was a fitting saying for a wedding band.  A fun goal to think about.  Billy wanted “Boom goes the dynamite”.  I vetoed that.

Anyway, I decided while planning my own wedding that I would be a fantastic wedding planner.  I’m ridiculously organized and obsess about planning so it seemed obvious and my own wedding helped me realize that.  I already have experience with all my past jobs planning events, sponsorships, activities, grand openings, etc., so I figured, why not?  So one evening a few weeks ago I decided to buy a domain on impulse and get my business started.  The only problem?  I want to do it in Chicago.  So while Billy and I wait until we make it back up North, I decided to use it for a blog and then one day convert it to my event planning business.  Which I will name True Blue.


One Response to “What’s in a name?”

  1. HOPE BROWN August 15, 2011 at 2:49 pm #

    I think you would make a fabulous wedding planner! And True Blue is a lovely name.
    You go girl!!

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