Etsy Obsession

8 Aug

For as much as I talk about Etsy, you would think I had some sort of allegiance with them.  For the record, I do not.  If one is getting married, planning an event, looking for jewlery, doing ANYTHING, they should always check etsy first.  For those who haven’t heard of this website, its a place where crafty people can create their own small business.  It’s all handmade or vintage items and is a great place for someone looking to sell their creations.  You can find so many amazing things that you can often customize with your own colors or styles.  When I first found it, I knew I struck gold. 

My sister is someone who should create her own etsy store.  I have been bugging her all summer to open up her etsy “shop” during wedding season.  For my bachelorette party, she created these super cute signs, decorations, sashes, etc.   All brides & bridesmaids are looking for something original and creative for their bachelorette parties that I know her shop would easily be a success.   Sally’s bachelorette decorations are shown here.  If she won’t create her own shop, I can at least brag about her on here.  If you want Sally to make something awesome for your event, leave me a comment and I’ll get you her contact info.  You’re welcome.

Bachelorette decorations by Sally

And the sash:

Bachelorette sash by Sally


These are the things I loved the most from esty and used for my wedding:

– “Mrs. Paul” hanger

Custom hanger by Jennennyfur

– I didn’t buy these from etsy, I created them myself, but I got the idea to incorporate wine corks as table number holders from etsy.

– “I Do” crystals for the bottom of my shoes.

I Do crystals by yourhappilyeverafter

– Billy’s wedding present of vintage clock parts cufflinks.

Cufflinks by edmdesigns

 – One of the presents to my mom and dad, custom hankerchiefs with my name and wedding date.

Custom keepsakes by mollyandmom

– And one of my favorites, my super cute thank you postcards.

Postcard by Nostalgicimprints

Postcard by NostalgicImprints

Have you found anything exciting from etsy??

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